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Do You Qualify For Employment?

To qualify as a student employee, a person MUST:

  • be registered as a full time U of S student (that is, registered in 18 or more credit units or three full classes during the Regular Session)


  • be registered as a full time graduate student


  • be registered as a full time student in Saskatchewan Polytechnic's Library and Information Technology Program
International Students
Students who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents must provide proof of a valid study permit authorizing employment on campus, and provide proof of a current social insurance number [SIN] when an offer of employment is made.
  • Completion of Grade 12.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills in the primary language of the employer (English).
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and use initiative.
  • Comfort with working alone during evenings and weekends as the need arises.
  • Demonstrated ability to cope with diverse tasks and to be flexible when necessary.
  • Demonstrated excellent customer services skills.
  • Proficient and accurate keyboarding skills.
  • Knowledge of microcomputer applications (Microsoft Word, Excel, email).
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with others in a team environment.
  • Ability to do moderately heavy lifting

All employees will be provided with feedback in regards to their performance in the position. An employee's continued employment is dependent upon satisfactory performance.