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Faculty Listing
Current Faculty

Adams, Chris
, BA (Manitoba), MLS (Alberta)
Librarian, Murray Library

Avery, Cheryl, BA (Saskatchewan)

Bindle, David, B.Mus.Ed. (Saskatchewan), MLIS (Illinois)
Librarian, University Archives & Special Collections

Boden, Catherine, B.Sc. (Queen's), M.Sc. (Acadia), PhD (UBC), MLIS (UBC)
Librarian, Leslie & Irene Dubé Health Sciences Library

Britto, Marwin, B.Ed. (Alberta), M.Ed. (Northwestern State), MBA (Concordia), MLIS (Wisconsin-Milwaukee), PhD (Georgia)
Librarian, Education & Music Library, Edwards School of Business, Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, and Murray Library

Canevari de Paredes, Donna A., BA (Skidmore), MS (Columbia)
Librarian, Murray Library (on sabbatical leave)

Crawley-Low, Jill, B.Sc., MLS (Alberta)
Head, Engineering and Science Libraries (on sabbatical leave)

Dahl, Candice, BA, MA (Saskatchewan), MIS (Toronto)
Librarian, Student Learning Services

Dawson, DeDe, B.Sc. (Trent), M.Sc. (St. Francis Xavier), MLIS (Western)
Librarian, Science Library 

Doi, Carolyn, B.Mus. (Victoria), MLIS (McGill)
Librarian, Education & Music Library

Duncan, Vicky, BA, MLS (Toronto)
Librarian, Leslie & Irene Dubé Health Sciences Library (on sabbatical leave)

Fichter, Darlene, BA, B.Ed. (Saskatchewan), MLS (Toronto)
Head, Murray Library

Frederick, Donna, BA, B.Ed. (Saskatchewan), MLIS (San Jose)
Librarian, Collection Services

Gagné, MaryLynn, BA (Saskatchewan), MLS (Alberta)
Head, Education & Music Library and Head, Law Library

Gerrard, Angie, BA (Saskatchewan), MLIS (Alberta)
Librarian, Student Learning Services 

Hampson, Crystal, BA and Honours Certificate (Saskatchewan), MLIS (Western)
Librarian, Collection Services

Harkema, Craig, BA (Saskatchewan), MLIS (Western)
Head, Universtiy Archives and Special Collections

Hutchinson, Tim, B.A.Sc. (McMaster), B.Sc. (Honours) (McMaster), M.Sc. (Queen's), MSI (Michigan)
Head, University Archives & Special Collections (on sabbatical leave)

Kennedy, Megan, BA (Saskatchewan), MLIS (UBC)
Librarian, Leslie & Irene Dube Health Sciences Library and Veterinary Medicine Library 

Kumaran, Maha, MA (India), MLIS (UBC)
Librarian, Leslie & Irene Dubé Health Sciences Library (on sabbatical leave)

Ladd, Ken., B.Sc. (McMaster), M.Sc., MLS (Toronto)
Head, Collection Services

Lamothe, Jane., B.Sc. (Manitoba), MLIS (Alberta)
Librarian, Collection Services 

Lee, Deborah, BA, MLIS (Alberta)
Librarian, Murray Library

Lucky, Shannon, BA (Saskatchewan), BFA (Concordia), MLIS/MA (Alberta)
Librarian, Library Systems & Information Technology

McLean, Jaclyn, BA (Regina), MLIS (Western)
Librarian, Collection Services

Moore, Valerie, BA (Guelph), MLS (Western)
Librarian, SHIRP

Murphy, JoAnn, BA (Lethbridge), MLIS (Alberta)
Head, Engineering and Science Libraries and Head, Student Learning Services 

Murphy, Susan, BA (Manitoba), MLS (UBC)
Head, Health Sciences Libraries

Pancheshnikov, Yelena, MA, PhD, MLS (Moscow), Cert.Lib.Dip. (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Librarian, Murray Library

Sarjeant-Jenkins, Rachel, BA (Saskatchewan), MLIS (Alberta)
Associate Dean (on administrative leave)

Smith, David A., BA, MA (Victoria), MAS (UBC), PhD (Saskatchewan)
Librarian, Murray Library

Sorensen, Charlene, BA (Saskatchewan), MLIS (Western)
Associate Dean

Tharani, Karim, B.Sc. (Simon Fraser), MLIS (UBC)
Head, Library Systems & Information Technology

Watson, Erin, BA, B.Sc. (Saskatchewan), MA (Queen's), MLIS (Western)
Librarian, Leslie & Irene Dubé Health Sciences Library

Wilson, Virginia, BA (Saskatchewan), MA (Toronto), MLIS (Alberta) 
Director, Centre for Evidence-Based Library and Information Practice

Wurzer, Greg, BA (Alberta), MLS (UBC)
Librarian, Law Library

Zhang, Li, B.Sc. (Nanjing), B.Eng. (UESTC, China), MLS (Western)
Librarian, Science Library 


Baldock, M. R., B.A., B.Ed., B.L.S., MLS, Librarian Emerita, 1970-1999
Chen, W. Y., M.A., B.L.S., Librarian Emeritus, 1967-1994
Currie, Lyn, BA (Macquarie), Grad.Dip.Lib. (New South Wales), MA (Macquarie), Librarian Emerita, 1996-2014
Dworaczek, M., M.A., MLS, Librarian Emeritus, 1991-2010
Fox, D., B.A., M.L.S.(Tor.), Librarian Emeritus, 1986-2011
Fritz, L., B.A., MLS, Librarian Emerita, 1978-2008
Hubbertz, A., Librarian Emeritus, 1976-2004
Kichuk, D., B.F.A. (Man.), B.A. (Tor.), MLS (Brit. Col.), Librarian Emerita, 1997-2014
Krishan, K., M.A., Dip.Lib., Librarian Emeritus, 1968-2000
Lakhanpal, S. K., M.A., A.M.L.S., Librarian Emeritus, 1966-1996
Lam, V., B.A., MLS, Librarian Emeritus, 1997-2006
Nelson, I. C., B.A., MLS, Librarian Emeritus, 1969-1998
Paredes-Ruiz, E., B.A., Dip.Lib., Librarian Emeritus, 1973-2003
Parnell, P., B.A.(Sask.), B.L.S.(Alta.), Librarian Emerita, 1982-2011
Salt, D., B.Sc., F.C.L.I.P., Librarian Emeritus, 1982-2005
Wakil, F. A., M.A., M.Ed., MLS, Librarian Emerita, 1965-1996
Whitlock, C., B.A., B.L.S., Librarian Emerita, 1972-2004
Whiteway, W. K., B.A., LLB (Queen's), MLS (West.Ont.) Librarian Emeritus 1977-2012
Wiebe, V.G., B.Sc., M.Sc, MLS Librarian Emeritus, 1976-2009
Williamson, Vicki
, BA, Dip.Ed. (New England), Grad.Dip.Adv.Lib. (C.C.A.E.), MA (Canberra), Ed.D. (Curtin), 2006-2016
Winter, F., B.A., B.L.S. (Brit. Col.), B.Comm. (Windsor), M.B.A. (Tor.) Librarian Emeritus, 1980-2014