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Distance & Distributed Library Services

Distance & Distributed Library Services (DDLS) are available at no charge to all University of Saskatchewan students, faculty and staff living outside Saskatoon including interns, medical residents and students on placement.

The Library will supply materials from our collections in response to requests submitted electronically. Books will be mailed with a postage paid return label.

To benefit from these services ensure you have registered your current shipping address. Please update as required.

Registration Form

Book Requests: To request books and all other material (excluding articles) located at the University of Saskatchewan Library, please visit the Catalogue to request your item.

    1. Find the item under the "Catalogue" tab, select "Request Hold" button
    2. Select "Distance Learners" for the pickup location, and click Go!
    3. On the next page, click Request Selected Item

Article Request Form

For materials not at the University of Saskatchewan Library, please use our Interlibrary Loan service.

For more information on these services, including research assistance and additional resources, see the individual Library branch DDLS pages below.

Contact Us / Branch DDLS Links
Murray DDLS
Toll free in SK: 1-888-859-9999
Education DDLS
Toll free in SK: 1-888-859-9999
Health Sciences DDLS
Toll free in SK: 1-888-859-9999