Computers in the Library

Desktop computers are available in all libraries on a first-come-first-served basis. Log in with your NSID and password to search the library, work on your assignments, and print. 

All campus computer users are responsible for reading and understanding the Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Regulations.

Programs Available on Library Desktop Computers

  • Alternatiff
  • ArcGIS Desktop 10.5
  • Audacity
  • Beyond 2020 Professional Browser 7.0 SP1
  • DjVu Control
  • Ebrary
  • Google Chrome
  • IBM SPSS Statistics 24
  • ImageScope
  • Library W3 Launcher
  • MatchWare MindView 5.0
  • MATLAB R2016a
  • MDL Crossfire Commander
  • Mendeley Desktop 1.17.11
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Putty
  • QuickLink Pro
  • R for Windows 3.4.1
  • Read And Write 11
  • RStudio
  • Skype 7.40
  • VLC media player
  • Windows Internet Explorer 11
  • Wolfram Mathematica 11
  • Zotero

*Users cannot install software on library computers. List updated Dec 2017.

Alumni and Public Computers

Alumni computers are available in:

Alumni must log in using their NSID and password. Printing, web browsing (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge), and LibreOffice programs are available on these computers.

Express public computers are available in:

Login is not required. Printing is not available from these computers.  

Borrow a Laptop

Lenovo ThinkPad laptops, HDMI/VGA/Mac adaptors, computer mice, cables, and headphones are available to borrow from all library locations.

Check current availability by searching the Library Catalogue for: 

Borrowing rules

  • Laptops are available on a first-come-first-served basis from the check-out desk at any of our seven libraries. They cannot be reserved.
  • U of S students, faculty, and staff can borrow a laptop using your campus ID card (doubles as your library card).
  • Laptops can be borrowed for up to 4 hours at a time. They cannot be borrowed overnight. 
  • You cannot renew a borrowed laptop (online or in person) but if another laptop is available it may be checked out again right away. Go to the library check-out desk for help.  
  • Every laptop comes with a charging cable and a laptop bag. 
  • Extra accessories you can borrow include: mouse, USB and network cables, Mac adapters, HDMI to VGA adapters, external disc drives, lockdown cables, DVD players and headphones. Ask for them at the check-out desk. 
  • Laptops must be returned in person to the staff at the check-out desk in the library it was borrowed from at the due time or one hour before closing (whichever comes first). Laptops missing parts (cables, bags, etc.) cannot be checked in. 
  • Late fees will accrue at the rate of $10.00 per hour for the laptop and $1.00 per hour for each additional item borrowed (e.g. If you borrow a laptop and a mouse late fees will be $11.00 per hour).
  • Library laptops are setup to access the U of S wireless network, CPAS printers, Microsoft Office programs, Windows Media Player, and your campus email and cabinet file storage.
  • Library laptops will not connect to the internet off-campus. You are not able to log in if you are not on the campus wifi network.  

Laptops and accessories are your responsiblity while they are checked out. Do not leave them unattended.

Borrow Accessories

Computer and study room accessories are available to borrow from the check-out desk at all library locations. Check online or ask at the check-out desk for current availability. Not all available accessories are listed at the link above. 

Laptop Accessories

  • Computer mouse
  • Charging and audio-visual cables
  • Display port adapter (HDMI-VGA-MAC)
  • External CD-DVD drive
  • Lockdown security cable

Other Items

  • Headphones
  • Scientific calculator
  • Whiteboard markers
  • External battery
  • Storage drive
  • Full-spectrum (SAD) lamps
  • Audio splitter

Audio-Visual Equipment

The Education and Music Library has additional equipment available to all U of S library users. Ask for help at the Education and Music Library check-out desk. 

Music Equipment

  • Audio-Technica AT-LP120 USB turntable & 45 disc adaptor (5)
  • M-Audio Keystation Pro MIDI Keyboard
  • TEAC CD player & reverse casette deck AD-800 with remote (2)
  • Sony 5-CD player with remote (2)

Film and Video Equipment

  • Panasonic Tau 20" TV/DVD/VCR combination with remote
  • Viewlex Previewer Jr. filmstrip viewer light (110-120 volts AC or DC slide) (2)

Scanners and Copiers

  • Epson DS-50000 large-format document scanner (11.7" X 17")
  • Epson EU-73 Scanner with document feeder
  • Xerox colour printer/copier/scanner (requires print credit)

Multi-Media Editing Station

Looking for a place to work on your music, art, or design project? The Education and Music Library has a dedicated multi-media editing station that includes the following software programs: 

  • Sibelius7 - music notation 
  • Audacity - audio editing and recording 
  • Nuance Power PDF Advanced
  • MacGAMUT 6 - ear training 

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology Room, Murray Library

The library is partnered with Access and Equity Services to provide access to assistive technology hardware and software in the Murray Library and the Leslie and Irene Dubé Health Science Library.

Visit the AES website for details and room booking.

Wireless Network

There are three wireless networks on campus you can connect to:

  • UofS-secure has full access to the university network for students, employees, researchers, and faculty. Log in using your NSID and password.
  • UofS-guest provides access to people who have an individual guest ID assigned by ICT. 
  • UofS-public is open to anyone.

See the ICT website for details and instructions on setting up your personal devices.

Trouble with the Wireless Connection?

An interrupted or slow connection to the wireless network can be caused by several factors: 

  • Your distance from an access point
  • Physical obstruction (e.g. walls) between you and the access point
  • Number of electronic devices in the area
  • Number of users connected to the access point at the same time

If you regularly notice poor wireless service on campus you can request additional wireless coverage

Get Help

Computer Support

ICT support (phone, email, and in person help) 

In person at the IT Support Service Desk:  

  • Murray Library (1st floor)
  • Leslie and Irene Dube Health Science Library (main floor) 

If you still have questions  Ask Us for help.

Problem with the library website? Check the current system status:

Library system status as of Thursday March 21, 2019 11:59pm.

University Library Website100 %
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Checkout & Catalogue (Sierra)100 %
Find It! Article Linking100 %
Off-Campus Access (Proxy Server)100 %
Electronic Theses & DIssertations (HARVEST)100 %
SHIRP100 %

For campus-wide services, check the ICT System Status Summary page.