These regulations are supplementary to the University of Saskatchewan Information Technology Use PolicyUsers of Library provided desktop and laptop computers are responsible for reading and understanding both sets of regulations. Failure to observe both sets of regulations may result in library privileges being revoked and/or further disciplinary action.

  1. No software may be loaded on University Library provided desktop and laptop computers. Tampering or attempting to tamper with computer hardware or software setups is prohibited.

  2. Desktop computers will automatically log out after 10 minutes of inactivity.

  3. Although the University Library supports freedom of access to all legally available information, there may be material on the internet that are not appropriate for display in a public place. Library provided desktop and laptop computer users may be required to cease displaying material if it is offensive to other Library clients or staff.

  4. Desktop computers that do not require an NSID login are available for general public use in most library branches. These computers have limited access to networked campus tools and software options.


The University Library does not take responsibility for:

  • the content, accuracy, or timeliness of information found on the internet;
  • files downloaded from the internet - virus checking is the responsibility of the user;
  • files saved, purposefully or inadvertently, onto the hard drives of Library provided desktop or laptop  computers;
  • retrieving work or documents that have not been saved.

updated September 2017